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Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

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What Is Structural Steel Estimating?

Structural Steel is a major part of metals which is division 05 in CSI divisions. Bidding Professionals LLC provides a complete steel takeoff and cost estimation package generally for metals and specifically for steel takeoff estimates. We deliver steel takeoffs and cost estimation services to GCs, steel contractors, framers, and distributors. We have a team of expert professionals who perform highly accurate and timely structural steel takeoffs to cut costs and prevent waste. Bidding Professionals provides a detailed breakdown based on the following construction phases:

Material Takeoff – Beams, Columns, Angles, Decking, Plates etc.
Fabrication – Takeoffs incorporating cut lengths and wastage.
Erection – Defining a detailed crew size; calculation of labor hours.
Steel Equipment – Tower Crane, Forklift, Scissor Lift, Gas Engines etc.

Streamline The Structural Steel Estimating Process?

Whether residential or commercial, in every kind of construction, the most important step is cost estimation. The accuracy, affordability, and profit margin of the contractor depend on a highly accurate estimate. General Contractors, Subcontractors, developers, builders and architects can get our assistance in all types of cost estimation from a single scope project to a full-fledged complete scope job. Our team of steel estimators will take care of the cost estimation of the project so you can focus on more important tasks efficiently. Outsourcing your steel cost estimation work to us will remove the headache of the management and expenses of an in-house estimation team. Our pricing will be based on the following in-depth calculations:

  • Calculation of total wastage according to cut lengths available
  • Crew Size and Labor Productivity
  • Updated Steel Rates from RS Means & Local Vendors

Our Steel Estimating Services Include:

While performing structural steel estimation, we consider each and every detail to assure accuracy and reliability. Our steel estimating services include the following:

  • W & I Beams
  • Steel Columns
  • Steel Girders
  • Metal joists
  • Steel Gratings
  • Metal Decking
  • Steel Angles
  • Steel Channels
  • Moment Connections
  • Steel Base Plates
  • Steel Gusset Plates
  • Bolts and Anchors
  • Steel Stairs
  • Steel Railings
  • Steel Ladders
  • Screen Wall Framing
  • Steel Canopy
  • Bollards and Posts (Other Site Items)

Understanding Crew Sizes and Productivity


What We Quantify In Steel Takeoff Services

According to the CSI division, steel is the major part of division 05 Metals. It covers everything from bolts to Steel beams. A list of materials covered in steel takeoffs is mentioned in the image shown above.

The image below shows a sample of our steel takeoff:

We Deliver Accurate Steel Estimates For Competitive Project Bidding

Technical expertise along with the subscription to premium pre construction software, Bidding Professionals LLC guarantees accuracy and reliability in its structural steel estimates. We can deliver detailed steel estimates along with the markup plans. With an experience of more than 6 years in the field of material takeoffs and steel cost estimating, we can help our clients submit more competitive bids on time. Accurate steel estimating ensures minimum project cost and timely completion of the project. Along with all the quality services we provide, our prices are 30% lower than our competitors which make us more attractive to a large volume of customers.

How We Guarantee The Quality Of Our Steel Estimates?

Along with an expert team of estimators, Bidding Professionals is also equipped with a complete set of premium pre construction software and platforms useful to provide an accurate structural steel estimate to its clientele. The caliber of any company can be determined by its responsiveness and the reviews of its clients. We never compromise on the quality of work and always complete the project in the proposed time frame. With the help of dedicated estimators and trustworthy steel estimating software, we are capable of delivering bid winning estimates.

International Standards We Follow


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


American Concrete Institute


American Society for Testing and Materials


Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute


Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario


International Construction Measurement Standards

The Cost Estimating Standards We Follow




How Big A Project Are We Capable Of Handling?

Bidding Professionals LLC is a team of dedicated structural steel estimators providing takeoff services to General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, and Developers and always ready to serve its clients in all possible ways. Bidding Professionals is in the field of estimating for more than 7 years now and we have done more than 1000 projects ranging from a small single-family residential project to multi-million high rise building and availability of experienced steel estimators makes us capable of doing projects of any size and complexity.

Structural Steel Estimating: The Quality Assurance We Offer:

The permanent clientele and the friendly environment we provide speak for our quality assurance. Every estimating team at Bidding Professionals is working under a team leader who closely and critically reviews the workflow of the trained estimators he/she leads. Bidding Professionals strives to improve the quality of work on a daily basis and believes in customer satisfaction by providing accurate and precise steel cost estimates. Steel structures are mostly used in commercial projects and we help our clients prepare accurate bids for them according to changing steel prices.

Steel Estimating: Why Hire Us?

We are well experienced in all types of commercial, residential and industrial building material takeoffs and cost estimation.

We provide a complete package to our clients covering all the divisions.

We are premium members of RSMeans, ConstructConnect and American Society of Professional Estimators(ASPE).

Our bid format is user friendly and allows the customer to alter any line items easily.

Our prices are competitive and our regular discounts make us more cost efficient.

We are flexible working both offscreen and onscreen construction takeoffs using Bluebeam Revu.

We offer free consultation as well as a free quote to our valuable customers.

We meet short deadlines to allow customers to submit more bids on time.

We offer discounts to our regular clients and do one revision for free(T&C apply).

Working with us on project basis helps the customer to save office and salary expenses of in-house estimators.

Who is Bidding Professionals?

Bidding Professionals is a New York based Construction Estimating Firm in the business of helping contractors prepare and win more bids.

Local pricing and accuracy of on-field labor productivity are imperative to win more projects so we help our clients prepare entire bids based on the zip codes and crew sizes.

Most contractors are so busy with their on-field tasks that they don’t have enough time to do the estimating. You’re supervising jobs, dealing with the suppliers, attending meetings, and the only time to work on estimating is NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

How We Can Help You Win More Projects

“I need accurate estimates”
  -Every Contractor in America

We Have A Proficient Team Of Civil Engineers Capable Of Delivering 50 Projects Every Week. We Can Deliver Cost Estimates Within 2 Working Days By Engaging More Estimators On High-Priority Projects. Our Experts Guarantee 100% Factual Construction Estimating And Takeoffs. Moreover, We Use RSMeans For Location-Based Pricing To Get The Best Rates According To Zip Codes.

We optimize the pricing according to zip codes by incorporating RSMeans pricing with real-time labor productivity to maximize the contractor’s profit. We use RSMeans for local prices but we improvise the prices with a calculated factor of labor productivity. We carry out cost estimates according to the price of materials and resources in your local area.


“I have no time to estimate projects”
  -Nightmare of Every Contractor

The enemy of every contractor is the lack of time. Most contractors are busy working IN the business rather than working ON the business. If that’s the case, Bidding Professionals is here to help. We’ve worked with over 500 contractors nationwide helping them finding bid opportunities and submitting bids on time.

But you might be doing it yourself, working late at night after work and probably even on the weekends compromising family time. We’ll prepare your entire bid for you so you can focus on running your business and get your nights and weekends back.

Stop missing out on bids because of time.

Frustrated Contractor without a professional drywall estimator

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Our Proven Strategies that makes us apart from the market

Bid Win Ratio

We have largest client retention rate due to our remarkable bid win ratios in major trades:

  • Steel = 55%
  • Sitework = 72%
  • Drywall = 87%
  • Concrete = 45%
  • Other Trades = 30%
Working Weekends on Demand!

Most of the time, subcontractors have to meet short deadlines submitting bids to the General Contractors. We, as an estimating team, try to make sure that our clients do not miss a single bid opportunity and our team of experienced estimators make it possible by:

  • Working overtime
  • Working on the weekends
  • Engaging more estimators on a single estimating job
  • All this without compromising the quality of work through detailed critical evaluation of the estimate
Hierarchical Project Reviewal

Our proven strategies enable us to achieve these results. Visual representation of our hierarchical project reviewal.

Structural Steel Estimating FAQs