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Bidding Professionals provides quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to General & Sub contractors under following CSI trades:

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Commercial Estimating

Commercial estimating is the calculation of construction cost of large buildings which can be further divided into small, medium, and large-scale projects. These can be any project from small offices to high-rise buildings or dams. 

Bidding Professionals has the expertise to do all commercial estimating projects from small office spaces to high-rise buildings.

Small-scale projects –  the upgradation of the interior design, small offices, etc.

Medium-scale projects – remodeling or expanding a building

Large-scale –  high-rise buildings, dams, and large warehouses.

Accurate Commercial Construction Cost Estimating

We provide accurate construction cost estimating for commercial projects to our clients. The process is simple. The client sends us the project plans and we provide free consultation as well as a quote to do the project according to the given scope. Once we have an agreement, we charge 50% of the fee initially and start the project.

The first part of the estimating process is to properly review the project plans and determine whether the estimate in question is a preliminary estimate or a detailed estimate. The commercial building cost estimators next mark the blueprints on Bluebeam Revu, a software that is used to determine the quantity takeoffs. The third phase is cost estimating, where we use RSMeans. It is used by commercial estimators to obtain prices for labor and materials, as well as labor productivity.

Once a thorough cost estimate is completed, everything is broken down to show the client every minor detail. In the commercial building cost estimating, we calculate estimates for the foundation/concrete, steel, Roofing, Drywall, and MEP. The final document contains the entire material takeoff as well as material and labor prices and is provided to the client in a well-organized and self-designed format.

Experienced Based Commercial Estimating

Bidding Professionals has the expertise to provide commercial estimating services for all types of small, medium and large-scale commercial projects. 

Our experience makes us the best at commercial estimating than the usual estimator. Commercial estimators view the commercial estimation with an eagle eye covering each and every aspect of commercial construction and performing quantity takeoffs and cost estimating accordingly. 

At Bidding Professionals, our commercial estimators have more than 10 years of experience working on high-rise buildings and warehouses performing highly accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimating making them unique in the preconstruction services industry.

Average Commercial Building Cost Estimates Per Square Foot

Commercial building estimate per square foot depends on a few factors:

  • Location of the project
  • The complexity of the project
  • Size of the project
  • Current labor rates

According to the mentioned factors, the average commercial building cost /SF can vary. While performing cost estimating on a complete project covering all the trades, the average cost /SF for a commercial project would be $85-$135. Changing trends and a global pandemic have their effects on commercial building estimates.

Software We Use For Commercial Construction Cost Estimating

At Bidding Professionals LLC, different software is used for different purposes:

Bluebeam Revu and Planswift are used for reading and marking the project plans.

RSMeans is used for cost analysis according to different states.

MS Excel is used to put the quantities and cost in and prepare the final file for the client.

Scope Of Work

Painting Takeoff Services

In painting takeoff services, we calculate all the line items of painting broken down in a spreadsheet

Exterior Takeoff Serives

In exterior takeoff services, we calculate all the line items of exterior broken down in a spreadsheet

Framing Takeoff Services

In Framing takeoff services, we calculate all the line items of Framing broken down in a spreadsheet

Construction Takeoff Services

In Construction takeoff services, we calculate a list of materials to be used in the Construction of a building broken down in a spreadsheet

Concrete Takeoff Serives

In Concrete Takeoff Serives, we calculate all the line items of Concrete broken down in a spreadsheet

Drywall Takeoff Services

In Drywall takeoff services, we calculate all the line items of Drywall broken down in a spreadsheet

Our Clients

Who is Bidding Professionals?

Bidding Professionals is a NewYork-based Construction Estimating Company that provides Construction Estimating Services in the business of helping contractors prepare and win more bids.

Local pricing and accuracy of on-field labor productivity are imperative to win more projects so we help our clients prepare entire bids based on the zip codes and crew sizes.

Most contractors are so occupied with their on-field tasks that they don’t have enough time to do the estimating. Most of the Contractors find time to do the estimation on nights and weekends since they are preoccupied with other tasks like attending important meetings, dealing with vendors and suppliers, internal team management, and day-to-day other business activities.

It shouldn’t go like that!

How Bidding Professionals Helps Our Clients Win More Projects

“I need accurate estimates”

 -Every Contractor in the USA

We Have A Proficient Team Of Civil Engineers Capable Of Delivering 50 Projects Every Week. We Can Deliver Commercial Estimating Within 2 Working Days By Engaging More Estimators On High-Priority Projects. Our Experts Guarantee 100% Factual Construction Estimating and Takeoffs. Moreover, We Use RSMeans For Location-Based Pricing To Get The Best Rates According To Zip Codes.

We optimize the pricing according to zip codes by incorporating RSMeans pricing with real-time labor productivity to maximize the contractor’s profit. We use RSMeans for local prices but improvise the prices with a calculated factor of labor productivity. We carry out cost estimates according to the price of materials and resources in your local area.

“It’s difficult to find time to do projects’ estimations”

-Nightmare of Every Contractor

Every contractor is fed up working late nights and on weekends due to the lack of time. They don’t find time for their multiple projects’ estimations. This is why Bidding Professionals is here to help. We’ve worked with over 500 contractors nationwide helping them find bid opportunities and submitting bids on time.

Frustrated Contractor without a professional drywall estimator

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Our Proven Strategies that makes us apart from the market

Bid Win Ratio

We have largest client retention rate due to our remarkable bid win ratios in major trades:

  • Steel = 55%
  • Sitework = 72%
  • Drywall = 87%
  • Concrete = 45%
  • Other Trades = 30%
Working Weekends on Demand!

Most of the time, subcontractors have to meet short deadlines submitting bids to the General Contractors. We, as an estimating team, try to make sure that our clients do not miss a single bid opportunity and our team of experienced estimators make it possible by:

  • Working overtime
  • Working on the weekends
  • Engaging more estimators on a single estimating job
  • All this without compromising the quality of work through detailed critical evaluation of the estimate
Hierarchical Project Reviewal

Our proven strategies enable us to achieve these results. Visual representation of our hierarchical project reviewal.

FAQs for Commercial Estimating services