High Stature Degree

High-Stature Degree

AIU is bringing opportunities for unlimited learning, which is the only tool to win over the world! 

We offer multiple virtual Masters' degree programs in different fields such as business administration, information technology, and health sciences that are available in versatile formats to help you maintain work, education, and daily life. Among the other benefits, one of the main advantages of choosing American International University for your Master's degree program is that you can graduate with a globally recognized degree from A. I University. 

American International University has been accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC). ASIC is a government-approved non-profit organization that specializes in the accreditation of educational institutions all around the world. Its accreditation assists students in making effective decisions while choosing an institute for their quality education.

We provide competent teaching of the highest level, valuable certifications, a supportive learning climate, & a highly recognized Masters' degree as shown by our ASIC accreditation. ASIC accreditation strictly ensures high educational, welfare, and good practice requirements of the institutions to maintain quality education. 

Accredited by ASIC:

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