Alumni & Friends

AIU Alumni & Friends

There are many benefits of joining our alumni network. Whether you want to take part in virtual events, meetings, or do you want to search for a better opportunity or job, our alumni members & friends are always there to help you out & build a friendly relationship with each other.

AIU foundation

Our Alumni Association cultivates long-term connections with present and future alumni. The objective of the foundation of alumni is to enrich the student experience by strengthening their bond with the University community. We are here to build a diverse community of friends, alumni, staff, & other interested associations that are willing to support the university, by various factors such as expertise, volunteer involvement, leadership qualities, networking, support & spirit of loyalty for their fellow alumni, & community.

Undergraduate and Professional students
  • The objective of our alumni is to boost the student experience in and out of the university.
  • Students who join our alumni circle gain access to global networking and career opportunities through our vast alumni network.
  • Multiple lectures, conferences, & chats with alumni members help in increasing your learning experience & boost your confidence.
  • Our alumni association helps you build career partnerships through different activities such as collaborative programs, recruiting drives, alumni stories, & industrial sessions.
Career Services

Our career services provider team is always available to support you with interactive chats, emails, and phone calls for your career counselling & other career concerns.

  • We offer resources, webinars, & assistance in developing and implementing career plans for our students.
  • Through our university career services, potential employers use our university programs such as job fairs to select the best candidates for their organizations.
  • We guide our graduates to the right source & platforms to find the perfect fit & best career opportunity for them.
  • We provide professional interview tips, career support, career assessments, attention-grabbing sample resumes, cover letters, & recruitment opportunities to our students

A.I.U is committed to hiring onboarding top-tier talent. To help and expand the University's mission, we provide a wide variety of opportunities to our staff and their families. We believe in providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons regardless of their economic situation or social status. Therefore, we always encourage all the candidates to go through our website to find all available openings.

Donate Now

We assist our students in pursuing their educational goals without hindrance. All of the donations go to the people who need them most. It also funds research, scholarships, and multiple projects. You are more than welcome to assist us in achieving our goal and objective, particularly during this covid-19 pandemic. DONATE NOW to a fund of your choice!

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