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Admission in Department of Health Sciences

Our Master's program offered by the health sciences department is ideal for those who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, science degree/related or higher. Our Master of Science of Nursing program equips future nurses with the skills they need to maintain the protection and efficiency of healthcare systems. Students can gain first-hand theoretical and clinical expertise in specialized nursing practice, leadership, care planning, research, and transfer management through our Master's programs.

You will learn to develop data-driven strategies & how to use research practices and methodologies to inspire reform and improve healthcare in the real world. In each Master's program, our Department of Health Sciences provides a broad range of public health and nursing courses that support individuals, communities, and cultures in culturally diverse settings.

Applicants must submit a personal statement, a curriculum vitae (resume), prior transcripts, and an application fee for entry.

Courses offered for Spring (Jan - April 2022)

Students acquire specialized nursing skills and education through this program. The Master in Clinical Nurse Specialist will help you develop clinical expertise and experience that will enable you to specialize in developing and managing long-term care programs for patients and their medical teams.

Our Master's in Nursing Informatics program provides you with a strong background in information management and analytical expertise. This program assists our students in preparing for the advancement and management of healthcare information technology & improving informatics use in practice, administration, & research.

Our Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Administration program is designed for nurse leaders who wish to advance their knowledge in leadership and administration. This degree program trains our students to be successful mentors, Nurse executives, Quality Improvement Manager in today's diverse healthcare organizations.

Our online Master's in Nursing Education program equips our students with the fundamental skills and training methodologies. This program assists you to use creative and interactive technologies to deliver quality teaching in simulation labs, traditional classrooms, clinical settings, and online learning environments.

Our Master's in Nursing leadership and management assists our students in providing opportunities in administrative and management positions in healthcare departments & organizations. This program helps in developing expertise & a greater understanding of the ethical & social justice approaches to clinical leadership in health care settings.

Our virtual Master of Health Leadership program is for healthcare professionals who want to advance their careers in important leadership positions in health sectors. This program also helps you develop expertise in the field of healthcare policies, laws & other rapidly evolving healthcare initiatives.

The Master of Public Health program is intended to prepare you for a variety of public health positions, including assessment, strategy, and implementation. This program gives you a comprehensive understanding of public health & the expertise, resources, and skills required to work in the field.

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