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SaaS Product

Salevoyage Promotes The Technological Patterns To Share Feasibility

Have you gone through a lack of management in your sales? Do you know how much you can earn by focusing correctly on managing customer relationships? Indeed, hiring a person to deal with and organize marketing data is accessible. But if it comes to the developments technology has stood with, we don’t have to look for other options except the usage of modern software.

Salevoyage is a robust solution for businesses that permits them to manage communication with existing customers and prospective ones. It helps out to better your firm in multiple aspects. We provide departments in our software such as administrator, sales and support, and production department. Each department facilitates users with specifically designed features that pave the path for quick executions in less time.

Departments’ Proficiencies

Some specific roles bind the administrators; they use multiple types of software to obtain their business targets and keep access to all the departments for the organization of all aspects. The roles of sales and support are also tied with effective communication skills to promote the marketing and advertising of the firm to the fullest. The production department is in charge of the production of the orders given by customers or clients. The standard of product or service is valuable for the profit and expansion of the company/organization, which this department monitor.




Sales & Support



Appreciate management at its best

A Smart Companion Which Exceeds The Margin Of Profit

We value your workforce, time, and money and understand the new business needs; that’s why we introduce to you our superb software. It saves your precious fundamentals and gets back to you with awesome settled customer relations.

Happy Clients


Growth Of Revenue


Accurate Reports


Data Security


Recognize and transform more leads

Paid Leads

People are usually connected to your business through ads on social media. By beginning to do blogs and making them exactly as per your way, set an example for others on how to do marketing. But once the attention has been grabbed, then what? Do you even know if you have their attention? If you had a CRM, you would obtain these insights. Furthermore, to the multiple benefits of CRM: it is the structure on which you can optimize your lead generation funnel.

Through a CRM, interactions can be caught by prospects and customers, no matter where you’re willing to attract them. Place forms on your blog to grab contact information and spot which keywords are helping to make your page more attentive. The CRM can also explore social media, qualify leads based on user activity, and integrate that data into automated, personalized marketing campaigns.

Enable access immediately

Email System

Our software allows the sales and support team to communicate with customers through a centralized email system in the software; they don’t need to go to Gmail or any other email engine to log in and interact with the customers.

Sales managers/administrators can configure separate emails for each sale and support team member in the software, and team members can send emails to customers from the software using their name’s email address or the website’s primary email address. This entire process is useful for the employees as well as the customers.

Serving support tirelessly

Customer Dashboard

Our software facilitates users with a centralized dashboard for the organization’s customers from where they can keep track of all their projects, approve or request changes/revisions on the deliverables being sent to them, or convey feedback. They can keep track of all their payments too.

A customer dashboard permits the business to analyze any metrics regarding their customers. They can also look at the current metrics to observe how the company is doing. Moreover, a customer dashboard supports a business in testing different hypotheses about the structure of its sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

All sites in one platform

Multiple Website Configuration

Our software promotes flexibility in managing multiple sites. If an organization has various websites for their business, they can configure each website as a separate source in software. A company can integrate its website with a CRM to raise the collection and organization of all its customer data in one place.

Users can get all the data from the websites and utilize it to uplift the profit ratio through planning an engaging marketing strategies. It is necessary to understand that a website has powerful details about business by which we can avail the outstanding outcomes. Our CRM is a faithful companion in making crucial details more secure.

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